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Lose weight with adzuki
Adzuki Barley & Purple Rice Porridge | Adzuki Porridge with Lily & Lotus Seeds | Adzuki & Kidney Bean Cake | Dairy-Free Organic Adzuki Bean Cake | Adzuki Multi Grain Stew

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Happy Rice Dumpling Festival!

Join the Dragon Boat Race and celebrate the 5th day of the 5th month on the Lunar Calendar. This year, the Rice Dumpling Festival, Duan Wu Jie falls on June 2.

Stay hydrated with Herbal Soup

Try a Eight-Treasure Pork Rib Herbal Soup, a nutritious soup that the Chinese have quite a lot for a healthy balance of diet. Or, try some Black Bean Soup with Cordycep for a good detox after the festive indulgence. Check out our soup recipes for more varieties.

Nourish with Sweet Soupy Desserts

Stir Fry Made Easy

Apart from the healthy steaming option, stir frying uses less oil than other cooking methods. Plus, you can almost mix and match any meat/vegetable and sauce combinations and make your favourite taste.

Adzuki Bean Muffins

We have adzuki bean rice cake, adzuki bean pie, and adzuki bean bread, why not muffins? If you're not a big fan of adzuki bean dessert, try an adzuki bean savoury pie.

Balance Your Food

Completely ruling out natural fatty food doesn't necessarily help us lose weight. It's not entirely what we eat but how we cook it and how we eat it that makes the difference. The key is to have a good balance, say, teaming Dongpo Braised Pork Belly with Chinese Tea Boiled Rice; the substance in Chinese tea will neutralise the fat in the pork belly.

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